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Bug Bazaar

insects for cooking

Bug Bazaar

insects for cooking

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What is the Party Bugs Shop?

Party Bugs Shop is an online store where you can buy edible insects. The Party Bugs brand has the widest selection of seasoned insect snacks on the market, and its flavors stand out among other edible insect brands for their diversity, innovation, and deliciousness.

Why do Party Bugs' products taste so much better?

Unlike our competitors, we season our insects ourselves and don’t buy them seasoned from one or two breeders who produce and sell the same products to almost all of our competitors as white label products.

You can buy snack insect products from us. Party Bugs make its products from roasted, whole insects that it seasons with Party Bugs’ secret recipes and unique seasoning technology to make them the most delicious insect products in the world. Party Bugs designed its products to have intense and savory flavors, specifically party goers in their minds.

Non-seasoned insects for cooking

From Party Bugs Shop, you can also buy protein-rich, non-seasoned crickets, mealworms, cricket flour, and mealworm powder to cook food containing edible insects at home.