Bug Bazaar

Food Insects for cooking

Bug Bazaar products consist mainly of non-seasoned food insects and insect powders that you can use as ingredients when cooking with insects.

Edible insects for cooking

Would you like to cook with edible insects? We offer you the finest edible insects from controlled breeding. We work with selected European breeders who have specialized in breeding insects for human consumption for years. Rearing, feeding, and further processing are strictly monitored. In Party Bugs’s current range, you find whole crickets, mealworms, and insect protein powders. Soon, we will introduce buffalo worms and grasshoppers as well. Therefore, gently oven-dried insects can be stored and processed at home. You can find suitable insect recipes and preparation tips in our blog. We hope you enjoy cooking edible insects!

The Bug Bazaar Story

In September 2018, we wanted to offer edible insects for sale and founded Bǚg Bazaar webshop to become an international bazaar for edible insects, insect products, and insect protein powders. We also sold so-called “decorative insects,” i.e., insects produced outside the EU for food but are not legally considered food in the EU.

Bǚg Bazaar mainly sells its Bǚg Bazaar branded edible insect products and Party Bugs party snacks made from edible insects. The Party Bugs brand was launched at Grüne Woche trade fairs in Germany in January and February 2020. It received much attention and praise from international distributors for its superior flavors, stunning packaging, positive image, and consumer-friendly prices. We warmly recommend trying Party Bugs yourself!

In 2018, the newly founded Bǚg Bazaar and Muurahaiskauppa brand cooperated, resulting in Muurahaiskaupan BBQ cricketsMuurahaiskaupan BBQ crickets was Finland’s first flavored edible insect snack made from whole insects, and dozens of shops and restaurants in the Helsinki metropolitan area sold it.

Today, at the beginning of 2024, we integrated our webshop Bug Bazaar Shop into Party Bugs Shop.