Mealworms (20g) – Cheesy Cheddar – Party Bugs

  • 20g roasted, edible mealworms for snacking.
  • These Cheesy Cheddar-flavored mealworms are a perfect alternative to popcorn or potato chips.
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Cheesy Cheddar

Unleash the Cheesy Crunch: Party Bugs Cheesy Cheddar Mealworms!

Craving a flavorful and fun finger food that’s packed with protein and planet-friendly? Ditch the greasy chips and dive into the cheesy goodness of Party Bugs Cheesy Cheddar Mealworms! These aren’t your average snacks; they’re protein-packed powerhouses made from oven-roasted mealworms, seasoned with a bursting blend of rich cheddar cheese spices. Think crunchy, cheesy, and irresistibly delicious!

Why Bugs Bug-gin’ Out the Competition?

  • Cheddar Bliss: Get ready for a cheesy explosion with every bite! The bold cheddar flavor is perfectly balanced with a satisfying crunch, making these mealworms an irresistible party favorite.
  • Protein Prowess: Don’t underestimate these tiny bug wonders! Each serving packs a whopping 40% of complete protein, keeping you fueled and energized for whatever fun is ahead. It’s the perfect party snack to keep you going without the carb crash.
  • Planet-Friendly Partying: Party hard, Earth happy! Mealworms are eco-warriors in disguise, requiring much less land and resources than traditional protein sources. So, you can indulge guilt-free knowing you’re making a positive impact on the world.
  • More Than Just a Snack: These versatile critters are ready to spice up your party! Enjoy them on their own for a satisfying crunch, sprinkle them on a platter with veggies and dip for a protein-packed appetizer, or garnish your favorite dishes for an extra cheesy touch. They’re the conversation starter your next gathering needs!

Ready to ditch the boring and embrace a flavorful, sustainable snacking experience? Grab a bag of Party Bugs Cheesy Cheddar Mealworms today!

Product Description

Whole, roasted, and seasoned mealworms bred in the EU.

We only use oven-dried mealworms from the EU!

One can dry mealworms in three ways: (1) Freeze-drying leaves the mealworms raw. (2) Microwave drying results in large mealworms that are very light and empty inside. (3) Heat in the oven shrinks the mealworms, making their texture more compact and giving them their characteristic, delicious, nutty flavor.

Party Bugs compete with quality and flavor, and that’s why we only use top-quality mealworms bred in the EU according to EU standards regulated by the EU Commission and EU law.


Whole, dried mealworms (70%; tenebrio molitor), spice mix (30%; cheese powder, onion, garlic, black pepper, creme fraiche, cheddar aroma, salt, tomato, maltodextrin).

Nutrition (100g)

Energy 2093kj/501kcal, fat 23.6g (of which saturated fatty acids 6.8g), carbohydrates 15.9g (of which sugars 2.7g), fiber 3.7g, protein 39.2g, and salt 4.3g.


Insects can cause allergic reactions. Cross allergy is possible for persons allergic to shellfish, mollusks, or house dust mites.

The product contains milk products/lactose and may contain residue from gluten and sesame.


Store dry, dark, and at room temperature.


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Additional information

Weight23 g
Dimensions4 × 6 × 16 cm



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